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Tips to Save Money on Utilities

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Utilities can take up a good chunk of your monthly expenses. It really doesn’t take much to bring down costs; you just need to be familiar with a few alternatives to make them work for you. Even a little savings can add up to a lot in the long run. Let Lending Experts, Pacific Northwest’s premier lender, give you a few valuable tips.
How to Save on Utilities

Make your home energy efficient: You may be surprised to hear this, but windows play a big part in a home’s energy loss simply by increasing heat. In the summer, pull the blinds or curtains to keep the heat out in the daytime. Blinds may be a better choice since they let in sunlight without letting in heat in the summers and help your home retain warmth in the winters. There are curtains available with a thermal lining and shutters too. Another alternative that may have never crossed your mind is to install a heat control film on your windows. This will reduce the glare, heat, and UV rays that filter in through the glass panes.

Seal Window Gaps: Old, outdated windows that are not well sealed can decrease energy efficiency. Seal gaps around the edges of both windows and doors with weatherstripping. Make sure the temperature is controlled by a thermostat so it automatically shuts off to maintain a comfortable temperature. Adjust the room temperature with the weather. You may want to consider a smart thermostat that allows you to control and track usage. Controlling the temperature can bring down electricity costs considerably.

Smart Power Bar: Did you know that leaving devices plugged in all the time can drain power even when they are not in use, accounting up to 10% of your electricity bill? Use a smart power strip bar instead. They are designed to monitor and control power in each electrical outlet, primarily to improve energy efficiency and decrease wasted power. Smart Power Bars have three types of outlets: for devices that need to be constantly powered; those that can be turned off (such as a mobile phone, microwave or blender) when not in use; and to control devices such as a TV or computer that detects when the power is turned off and automatically shuts off. There are smart power strips that come with motion sensors and timers to reduce electricity use further.

Decrease Water Usage in the Bathroom: Updating your bathroom and kitchen with modern appliances can save you a lot more than you expected. Replace your toilets with a dual-flush system and install low-flow showerheads and faucets. Switch off the faucet when you are brushing your teeth or washing dishes. Running water can account for a lot of water waste and higher bills. Wait for the dishwasher and washing machine to be full before you run a cycle and air-dry your clothes when the washing load is light instead of using a clothes dryer if you have a yard

Decrease Water Use in your Yard: Use a rain barrel to water your garden. Don’t water the garden more than you should. Excessive water can ruin your plants and escalate your electricity bills. Try to select plants that don’t use a lot of water such as aloe vera.

Replace Filters and Energy Inefficient Light Bulbs: Clogged air filters can decrease air conditioning efficiency and increase electric bills. Replace air filters as and when needed. Replace incandescent and CFL bulbs with LED lights and turn them off when you leave a room. Use a fan instead of air conditioners whenever you can.

If you need help in cutting costs further, call us at Lending Experts. We can help you find a new home to rent, assist with refinancing and more. Call a team of trusted mortgage professionals to schedule a consultation.

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