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Tips to Get Your Finances Back on Track in 2018

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Strong finances are the way to a secure future. It is important to be free of debt to live a life free of worries. This is easier said than done but not impossible to implement. All it takes is strategic planning to put intentions into action. No one knows this better than Lending Experts, one of Pacific Northwest’s fastest growing mortgage lenders who helps individuals and businesses to build their finances with a leading breadth of loan products. Allow us to give you a hand with a few tips to save better in 2018.

Tips to Save More in 2018

Track Your Expenses: Keep an eye on every expense, big and small. Prepare a spreadsheet and diligently track where your money went through the day. You will be surprised to see the amount you spend on unnecessary items. For instance, you may find yourself spending more on supermarket produce than you need to; eating out more than you should; ordering an extra drink at the bar when you could clearly avoid it, and more. Note what is essential and what you could cut back on. The following month, try to stick to the essentials.

Set a Realistic Budget: Try not to be too harsh on yourself when you spend after you have tracked your expenses. You don’t have to give up all luxuries to save more. But you can pick and choose. Balance is key. Set a realistic budget at the beginning of the month that includes your utility bills, credit card expenses, grocery shopping, etc. Cut down costs bit by bit. For instance, carry your own lunch instead of eating out at office break every single day.

Pay off debts: Try to pay off your debts as early as possible. Your savings could decrease a bit when you attempt to do so, but you set yourself towards greater financial freedom that could open up more doors for worthier investments and expenses such as buying a car, a home or planning a holiday.

Look for Deals and Discounts: This is a great way to save even as you enjoy splurging to pamper yourself or your family. Look for coupons, vouchers, deals and bargains. Refrain from buying that jacket from the new arrival stock. Wait for the seasonal discounts to splurge on your favourite items. You save hundreds of dollars by switching service providers too. Keep an eye out and take spend accordingly.

Sell Unused Items: Don’t hold on to clothes and wares you don’t use. Hold a garage sale or find websites where you can put them up for sale. You can make a few extra bucks on the side and save it all. Sell your old mobile phone, CD’s, DVD’s that you’ve watched already, any old furniture or art. You will be surprised to see how they much it all adds up to.

Invest in Insurance: A good way to secure your future is to invest in insurance coverage. This way, losing your income or your health will not make you lose your peace of mind. Invest in life insurance, accident coverage or income protection. This allows you to save for the future and cover you in emergencies. Also, set up a savings account that transfers a fixed amount each month after you’ve been paid. This will force you to save and live within your means when you think you can’t.

Lending Experts: Premier Mortgage Lender in the Pacific Northwest

The sooner you meet your financial goals, the freer you will feel financially. When you are ready to invest in bigger dreams such as property, reach out to Lending Experts.

We are a premier lender, serving to bring clients a reliable, hassle-free experience. Whether you are looking to expand rental properties or refinance, our trusted mortgage professionals will efficiently assist you at any one of our branches in the Pacific Northwest. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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