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Many homeowners throughout Canada use the power of mortgage refinancing to lock in lower interest rates, reduce their monthly payments and access existing equity in their home. Other reasons why many refinance include using the equity for home improvements, purchasing other properties or investing in stocks, bonds or Registered Retirement Savings Plans.

Step 1: Personal Consultation

Your personal mortgage consultant will help you:

Step 2: Determine Value

Refinancing can have hidden costs! We’ll prepare a detailed report that explains:

Step 3: Your Application

We’ll help you customize a mortgage solution and guide you through the application process:

Step 4: Lender Review

The lender reviews your application and issues a rate guarantee and a list of conditions. During the review, we’ll keep a close eye on the mortgage market. If a better product or interest rate becomes available, we’ll let you know, even if it means switching lenders!

Step 5: Approval

Once your new mortgage is approved: