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The Top 4 Questions That Mortgage Brokers Get Asked Every Day

In our office, we have a lot of people coming in or contacting us via email or phone about a mortgage. And we tend to get the same questions all the time (don’t worry, we love it!)

So we compiled a little list of the top 4 questions we get asked all the time:

Questions That Mortgage Brokers Get Asked Every Day #1.

What do you do and how do you get paid?

Okay, technically this is two questions but they’re usually asked together or one tends to lead to another. So here’s what we do: We figure out what kind of mortgage you need and then we go out to our network of lenders and we ask them to what they can do for you. This turns the lending industry on its head and makes lenders compete for your business (which leads to potentially lower rates for you). And we get paid by lenders, which means you get the best mortgage available and it doesn’t cost you anything.

Questions That Mortgage Brokers Get Asked Every Day #2.

How can I get the lowest interest possible?

This is an understandable question. People want to pay less on their mortgage and they see their interest rate as the way they can do this. Here’s what we suggest: Your interest rate is influenced by a number of factors but that factor that is most in your control and will have the biggest long-term impact is your credit score. Work on your credit score and you’ll improve your chances for a lower interest rate. (And work with a mortgage broker who can help you find a mortgage with a great rate). But be aware: interest rates aren’t the only factor in paying less on your mortgage!

Questions That Mortgage Brokers Get Asked Every Day #3.

Do I qualify for a mortgage?

One of the reasons that people love going to mortgage brokers instead of banks is because we’re connected to a whole network of lenders (versus banks, which only offer certain mortgages). Therefore, it’s not unusual to get access to mortgages even if a bank can’t help you. But most important, remember this: Mortgage qualification really depends on you… What is your credit score like? How big of a down payment do you have? Are you working?

Questions That Mortgage Brokers Get Asked Every Day #4.

How much can I get?

This is a great question and it’s one we love to answer. So here’s our answer: Get in touch, set up a free appointment and let’s find out. There’s no obligation and you’ll be taking one critical step forward in the exciting life of a homeowner.

We get other questions too, of course, but these are questions that our mortgage brokers get asked every day.