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Welcome to Lending Experts - Team of Professional Mortgage Broker in Vancouver, BC

Mortgage Refinancing: The Most Overlooked Financial Strategy

Lending Experts

There was a time when dad went to work, mom stayed home to raise 4, 5, 6, 7 (or more) children on dad’s wage, and everyone lived comfortably in a nice house and drove a newer car. [...]

The Top 4 Questions That Mortgage Brokers Get Asked Every Day

Lending Experts

In our office, we have a lot of people coming in or contacting us via email or phone about a mortgage. And we tend to get the same questions all the time (don’t worry, we love it!) [...]

Why Brokers Beat Banks?

Can Beat Banks
  • We force lenders to compete - we get better rates
  • Larger choice of financial products banks don't have
  • No hassles or negotiation – we work on your behalf
  • We're mobile - wherever and whenever you need us
  • We work with a large network of lenders
  • No cost or no obligation - pay nothing up front.
  • Unbiased advice you don’t get from corporate lenders
  • We are on a 24/7 market-watch - we are first to know best rates on the market
  • Save time and energy of applying to multiple lenders
  • We handle all the details and fine print
  • We offer customized services that work best for you

Mortgage Broker Services Company in Vancouver, BC


At Lending Experts, each of our team individual is a proven highly qualified and experienced Mortgage Broker in Vancouver, BC. Our mortgage brokers are high producers and senior experts of the industry whom hold high values in delivering service excellence and committed to placing our clients first. A Lending Expert works for the client – listening and understanding client needs, working hard to find unique solutions and financial advisory. Even in complicated cases – we are hold a high reputation in the industry with proven experience and results in resolving cases and finding the best solutions efficiently and effectively to a client’s needs.


Best Mortgage Rates


Our commitment to service quality and clients will never subsidize our rates. We are committed to finding the best mortgage rate, better than your own institution.

We are proud of the industry-leading unique network we've developed – TrustNet™. TrustNet™ is a proprietary group of over 90 banks, credit unions, trust companies, private lenders we hold. With our exclusive relationships in this network, we guarantee the best rate, with no hassle or negotiation on your part, offering you a stress-free experience.


A good mortgage broker should be an integral member of your team of trusted advisors as you make decisions on big financial commitments. We would be happy to offer you complimentary consultation and advice with no obligation, we simply want to help.


Give us a call today.

Today's Rate

  • 1 Year Fixed 2.89%
  • 2 Year Fixed 2.89%
  • 3 Year Fixed 2.99%
  • 4 Year Fixed 2.99%
  • 5 Year Fixed 2.99%
  • 5 Year Variable 2.30%
  • Prime Rate 3.20%

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testimonial Testimonials

"Alex Shein GETS IT DONE and in my not so humble opinion, is the BEST Mortgage Specialist in the GVRD.

I've been a Realtor in Vancouver since 2008 and have had the opportunity to see how hundreds of mortgage specialists work (or don't work). His professionalism and knowledge is top tier...works quickly & tirelessly for his clients...has access to the best mortgage products and client care is amazing.

I trust him with my own personal mortgage needs and I've encouraged all clients of mine to give him a call. He will get you approved with the best rate & terms given your circumstances, over any other pros. If you're with Alex Shein and his team, you're in the right hands. Trust me."

Thanks Alex!

- Warren Sing (Vancouver)

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