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Lending Experts has been an excellent resource for me. I started browsing the site to learn more about mortgages and filled out a contact form. The brokers here secured me a great mortgage at a competitive rate in spite of a tight time frame and geographic distance (I’m a province away). We dealt with all my documents electronically and the service I received was courteous and efficient. My only regret is that I can’t thank these guys in person!

G. Gutfeld , Calgary, AB

Thank you for all your help with my first ever mortgage, Alex! I want you to know that it has been an absolute pleasure working with you. You’ll definitely be seeing me again in the future- and who knows, maybe a few friends of mine… once I can convince them to get their own place! Thank you again for all your help.

S. Dong, Vancouver, BC

I’m so pleased to have found the Lending Experts website. Lev and Alex are true professionals: they were prompt, polite and friendly. I couldn’t have asked for better help in an otherwise stressful situation!

N. Smirnov, Coquitlam, BC

Lev was exceptionally patient with me through the entire process of obtaining my mortgage. I had so many questions but he listened to my concerns and a helped me make sense of my options

C. Chan, Burnaby, BC

A friend of mine arranged his mortgage through Lending Experts and highly recommended the services offered on this site. Within the day of filling out the online form, I received a call from Alex. After an informative phone conversation we scheduled a meeting in my home and needless to say, I’m very pleased with the service I received. Thanks for making this process convenient and simple, Alex. Organizing my mortgage actually felt easy because of your services

C.T. Wu, Richmond, BC

Lev has been such a help to us in the process of purchasing our first home. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and genuinely cares about his clients. Highly recommended.

I. Katz, Surrey, BC

Alex was able to get me a better rate than my own bank offered me. Yet another reason to work with a broker…

B. Kim, Vancouver, BC

I’ve dealt with a few mortgage brokers in the past, but no one has gone out of their way to help me more than these two have. Work with Lev and Alex. You won’t regret it.

R. Langley, New West, BC

Lev was recommended to me by a friend. To this day, four and a half years into my mortgage payments, I have no regrets.

T. Cutler, Langley, BC

I am a young entrepreneur with a growing company. Lev and Alex helped me to tap into my home equity to get the loan I need to expand my company.

Michelle J., Vancouver

Alex and Lev was very patient in helping me decide which mortgage was right for me. I really appreciate all your time, and I learned so much.

Julia C., Vancouver

After saving up for the last few years, I was finally ready to buy my own home. I was completely overwhelmed by all the paperwork. Lev and Alex went through it all with me so I understood how much I could afford to spend, what I was signing, and what kind of mortgage worked for me. I just moved in and I love my new place. Thank you for being patient with me.

Kelsey M., Burnaby

I wanted to refinance my current property to purchase a second house. Alex and Lev gave me a few very detailed scenarios of how to achieve my goals. They gave me a couple of options, with cost outlines, risks and benefits of each scenario. I made the choice of investment with a clear head of what I was getting into.

Jessica S., Richmond

As a new business owner, I kept being denied the mortgage I desperately needed. Alex and Lev got me approved for a great mortgage that I didn’t think was even possible.

Ryan M., Coquitlam

Having worked at a well known financial institution I was surprised by the service and knowledge of an independent mortgage broker. The rates and personalized attention provided was beyond my expectation and I couldn’t be happier.

Peter W., Downtown Vancouver

I am a very particular shopper. I knew what I was looking for, but I had trouble finding it. Lev and Alex was very patient in issuing a new preapproval for me when I asked, and I asked several times. I finally was able to get the mortgage I want with the desired terms.

Danielle L., Burnaby

Alex and Lev provided a good breakdown and a comparison of fixed and variable mortgage rates, outlining the potential risks and benefits of each and how payment may change. They showed me my options and allowed me to choose based on a good understanding of what it meant for me.

Christina C., West Vancouver

I work shifts, and I can’t make bank hours. I was pleasantly surprised with the late hours and good service; the banks could not compete with what was offered to me.

Travis L., Coquitlam

Our dream was to build our own home and thanks to Lev and Alex, we were able to realize our dream sooner than we thought.

Jennifer and Tom P., Vancouver

We were first time home buyers and were unsure if we could afford a home. Alex and Lev outlined the costs of financing and walked us though the process step by step through its completion. We are so happy with the service and our new home! Thank you!

Anita and Robert A., Downtown Vancouver

I wanted to buy a second home to rent out for additional income. Lev and Alex showed me how competitive investment strategies can work to my advantage.

James K., Burnaby

I thought I could only afford a townhouse, because the bank and another broker told me it was all I could afford. A friend of mine recommended Alex and Lev reworked my case. Using potential rental income, they qualified me for a mortgage for a house. The house I am now living in.

Kevin W., Burnaby

Thank you for helping me with my unique situation when I was rejected by my bank. I did not have all the necessary paperwork to prove rental income from my income properties, Alex and Lev put together the application to different lenders and made it work for me.

Shannon N., Burnaby

Our wedding was a few months away. In between planning the wedding, work, and looking for houses, making sense of mortgages was the last thing I had time for. We met with Lev, and he helped us work out the maximum monthly mortgage payments we could afford, and how the terms fit in with our plan. We were able to make an informed choice between the mortgage options he presented to us. I couldn’t say the same about the wedding planning, but at least the mortgage was stress-free.

Thanks to my friend’s recommendation, we are able to save thousands of dollars a year on our mortgage. Thank you Alex and Lev.

Steve and Tracy K., Surrey

Lev and Alex helped me consolidate all of my debts and mortgage into one monthly payment. They helped me save thousands on interest costs.

Brandon W., North Delta

I am in the construction business. I buy homes, renovate them, and put them back on the market. Lev and Alex do a good job financing the home purchase and the construction. They put a lot of thought into my personal situation, giving me options in terms of cash flow and payments. I have done all my transactions through them and I plan to continue.

George L., Surrey

Lev and Alex went far and beyond expectations of securing my mortgage. They referred me to a good lawyer, and helped me find house insurance. Because of all the work they put in, the transaction went by extremely smoothly.

Sean D., Surrey

Lev and Alex offered me much better rates than what I had found through the bank with which I had a relationship for over 10 years.

Kris C., Vancouver

Alex and Lev helped me to get a great rate for my new mortgage. Thanks for all your hard work!

Adam B., Coquitlam

I’ve never used a mortgage broker before and I decided to see what they could offer. Alex and Lev found me a great mortgage with a great rate, leaving me with extra spending money every month.

Chantal D., Delta

I couldn’t get a mortgage as I just moved to Canada. Alex and Lev found a mortgage for me and I can now start my new life.

Vladimir E., Richmond

I have been declined repeatedly by banks for a mortgage because of my bad credit. Lev and Alex helped me restructure my application with co-signers and the transaction went through. Not only that, but after the end of the transaction, they helped me to rebuild my credit

Rebecca M., North Vancouver

I have a good job and I’m making good money, but I made some mistakes in the past. I felt I could afford to buy a house, but because of my bad credit, I couldn’t get a mortgage. Lev and Alex worked with me to find me a mortgage that I could afford. You can’t change the past, but thanks to Lev and Alex, I’m working now towards a great future.

Samuel J., Surrey

Even though I have several properties, I had difficulty taking money out of them at my bank in the past. Lev an Alex helped me restructure my application to get the loan I needed.

Katherine W., Richmond

Mortgaging property was never so easy… I thank you for your support and expert guidance in lending my property for the best possible rate.


I extend my gratitude towards Lending Experts for their support at every step of my property lending procedure. It really helped in finding the best rates for my property.

Thank you!

John Taylor

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