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Debt Consolidation


Make one monthly payment! Plan for a better financial future.

Debt consolidation is simply combining many debts into one – with a single monthly payment. It can be an excellent way to take advantage of lower interest rates and simplify your payments.

Step 1

Personal Consultation

Your personal mortgage consultant will help you:

  • Determine if debt consolidation is right for you
  • Decide how much and when to borrow
  • Understand the cost of transactions
  • Consider the options: refinancing, second mortgage, line of credit
Step 2

Calculate Savings

We'll calculate how much you can save then help you:

  • Compare the various available options
  • Explain the cost and benefits of each
  • Choose the one that's right for you
Step 3

Your Application

We'll guide you through the application process:

  • Your employment record, assets and liabilities
  • Current mortgage information
  • Credit card and loan statements
  • A credit check
Step 4

Submit to Lender

The lender reviews your application and, once approved, issues a rate guarantee and a list of conditions.

Step 5


The lender sends the necessary funds to your lawyer:

  • Your lawyer pays off your old mortgage and your other creditors
  • You may have the option to keep your existing credit cards, line of credit, etc.

Our Commitment To You

Through the lifetime of your new mortgage we'll continue to help you:

  • Develop quick repayment plans
  • Maintain a healthy credit record
  • Refinance your mortgage
  • Purchase new properties
  • Plan for the future

testimonial Testimonials

"I work shifts, and I can’t make bank hours. I was pleasantly surprised with the late hours and good service; the banks could not compete with what was offered to me. "

Travis L., Coquitlam

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  • 3 Year Fixed 2.34%
  • 4 Year Fixed 2.49%
  • 5 Year Fixed 2.54%
  • 5 Year Variable 2.30%
  • Prime Rate 2.70%

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