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Real Estate Investors



There are two types of repeat real-estate buyers:

  • Those moving to a new home or “principal residence”
  • Those investing in real estate to build or preserve wealth

1. Principal Residence

Smart home-buyers weigh the costs and benefits of various mortgage “features.” Portability is one that lets you transfer your existing mortgage to a new home, thus saving the costs of cancellation.

Money lenders are more willing to negotiate rates and features when they’re competing for your business. So, before shopping for a new home, let us pre-arrange your mortgage.

We’ll help you:

  • Get the best possible rates and features
  • Arrange affordable monthly payments
  • Integrate your mortgage into an overall financial plan

2. Build or Preserve Wealth

Real estate investors often purchase multiple properties with the goal of generating:

  • Immediate new income (rental revenues)
  • Future income (capital appreciation)
  • A combination of both

Because of complexity, special mortgage products have been designed specifically for each application.

Enlisting the services of a mortgage professional is vital. We’ll help you:

  • Understand the costs and benefits of multiple mortgage products and options
  • Get the best possible rates and payments
  • Calculate affordability and profit
  • Arrange financing

Our Commitment To You

Through the lifetime of your new mortgage we'll continue to help you:

  • Develop quick repayment plans
  • Maintain a healthy credit record
  • Refinance your mortgage
  • Purchase new properties
  • Plan for the future

testimonial Testimonials

"Alex and Lev was very patient in helping me decide which mortgage was right for me. I really appreciate all your time, and I learned so much. "

Julia C., Vancouver

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