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Rent or buy

Find which option is best for you taking into account mortgage rate, market value appreciation of home purchase and or potential rate of return with extra cash investment vs. mortgage investment
1. Monthly payment if you bought: $
2. Down payment: $
3. Annual property taxes: $
4. Interest rate (view rates): %
5. Annual increase in home value:
6. Monthly rent: $
7. Years of comparison:

Compare Financial Advantage

Information is provided for sample purposes only. Its accuracy is not guaranteed. Information should be verified and should not be relied upon as legal, financial, or other advice.

testimonial Testimonials

"Lev was recommended to me by a friend. To this day, four and a half years into my mortgage payments, I have no regrets. "

T. Cutler, Langley, BC

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Today's Rate

  • 1 Year Fixed 2.29%
  • 2 Year Fixed 2.14%
  • 3 Year Fixed 2.34%
  • 4 Year Fixed 2.49%
  • 5 Year Fixed 2.54%
  • 5 Year Variable 2.30%
  • Prime Rate 2.70%

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