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6 Secrets to Find the Best Mortgage Broker

Thinking about buying a home can be fun: You dream about the kids playing in a big backyard; you picture having your extended family enjoying dinner around your spacious, beautifully appointed dining room.

But there are aspects of home-buying that can seem to be a chore. Among them, arranging a mortgage. That’s why it’s important that you choose the very best mortgage broker who can work on your behalf to help you select a mortgage that fits your needs.

Here are 6 Secrets to know that will help you find the best mortgage broker for your situation:

1. The Best Mortgage Broker Takes Away the Frustrating Complexity
You should be able to understand your mortgage without needing a secret decoder ring to know what your broker is saying. Your broker should strip away the confusion and shine a light on what your mortgage means for you.

2. They Should Have a Variety of Solutions for Different People
Mortgages are not “one size fits all.” Therefore, you should be able to choose from a selection of services and solutions that best fit your needs (and, of course, your mortgage broker should help you figure out which services are right for you).

3. Competitive Rates- It’s not Just About Rates
Many brokers focus on rates but the best mortgage broker knows that rates are only part of the story for you. You want great service while getting your mortgage; plus, your mortgage broker should help you understand how other terms of the mortgage can benefit you as well.

4. The Best Mortgage Broker is an Expert – But Not Just in Mortgages
Of course you want to work with a broker who is an expert in mortgages. But they also need to be an expert in connecting the right mortgage with your situation! That takes a level of expertise that few in the industry possess, combining an awareness of mortgages with a deep expertise in the economy as well as in how specific mortgages will work for you over the long term.

5. Educator and Advocate
Mortgage expertise is critical but the best mortgage broker should share their expertise with easy-to-understand education. They should help you understand how they choose mortgages and why you may want to select one mortgage over another. They should be advocates for your knowledge – giving you enough useful information without burdening you.

6. Size and Strength of Lender Network
The best mortgage broker needs to be an expert in mortgages and needs to share that with you but a mortgage broker is only as good as their lender network. Before you work with a mortgage broker, investigate their lender network and make sure that they have a good relationship with many carefully-chosen lending sources.

A good mortgage broker can help you find a mortgage. The best mortgage broker will take you by the hand, educate you, and will tap into their vast lender network to help you choose the right mortgage for your situation. Use these 6 secrets to help you find your best mortgage broker.