Mortgage Refinancing: The Most Overlooked Financial Strategy

There was a time when dad went to work, mom stayed home to raise 4, 5, 6, 7 (or more) children on dad’s wage, and everyone lived comfortably in a nice   [...]

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The Top 4 Questions That Mortgage Brokers Get Asked Every Day

In our office, we have a lot of people coming in or contacting us via email or phone about a mortgage. And we tend to get   [...]

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An Open Letter from a Mortgage Broker, For First Time Home Buyers

Dear Prospective Homeowner, I see you standing there in the lobby of a real estate brokerage, staring nervously at brochures and pointing excitedly at different houses. Your face is   [...]

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Debt Consolidation: Is It Right For You?

So, you’ve incurred debt that is proving difficult to get rid of and are thinking of debt consolidation to pay it off. If you have racked up some credit card debt,   [...]

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A Basic Primer on Mortgages

Getting a mortgage to buy your next home is probably the largest financial decision you’ll ever make. So it makes sense to get a good handle on what mortgages are available for you so you can choose the right one for   [...]

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Tips on Getting the Best Mortgage Rates

It goes without saying that finding the best mortgage rate is on every home buyer’s mind. This is hardly surprising given housing market and slow-moving economy.   [...]

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Vancouver Mortgage Market: For Savings, Start Here

So you want to buy a home. Few things are more exciting than that initial burst of optimistic dreaming as you start thinking about the possibilities. And most people start by getting in touch with their bank to find out how   [...]

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3 Lessons | Learned From My Mortgage Broker – Guest Post

My wife and I just moved to B.C from another province somewhere east of here. We sold our home – the only one we’d ever owned as a couple – and moved   [...]

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The Best Kept Secret To Help You Get The Best Mortgage Rates

Looking to buy a new home? Along with finding a great new house in the perfect location, you’re probably also thinking about how you can pay for it. And more   [...]

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How a Mortgage Broker in Vancouver Can Help You

Buying a home is about three things: location, finding the right mortgage broker and good price. Odds are, buying a home is the biggest financial transaction you will   [...]

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